Our pieces are made from natural timbers, fibres and organic materials we recommend that all of our pieces are keep indoors or under cover in outdoor areas positioned away from being exposed to the elements such as rain, wind and direct sunlight.



To clean your rattan piece we recommend using a warm barely damp cloth, no chemical based products to be used. Regular dusting and vacuuming will sustain the longevity of your rattan piece. Linseed oil or a high- grade bee’s wax could also be applied lightly to polish and nourish the rattan. In the circumstance that your rattan piece gets wet leave outside to dry away from direct sunlight.

Our hanging chair collection requires professional installation only. Fixing fittings are not included, the rope supplied is a guide only, your selected professional may need to advise and attach extra rope lengths to suit your desired sitting height as every installation case is different.


Teak & Suar Wood


Our timber pieces are hand made by artisans each individual piece varies and embraces its raw unique timber grains, textures, surfaces, colours and imperfections enhance the authentic beauty of each piece.

Teak timber contains natural oils after time it may fade into a light grey patina after some time slight cracks may appear this is the inheritance and style of the timber if you prefer the warmer colouring of the teak wood we recommend teak sealer rather than using a teak oil this maybe used to maintain the original colour slow the fading process.

To clean your piece we recommend using a warm damp cloth, no chemical based products to be used. A high- grade bee’s wax could also be applied lightly to polish and nourish the timber to prevent from the timber drying out.


Linen Sofa Cushions


Our linen futon style cushions can be spot cleaned with a Luke warm light coloured cloth in a gentle dabbing technique please do not rub . The covers are removable and can be machine washing on a gentle cycle, hang out to drip dry in a shaded area. Place your covers on the sofa cushion while they are still a little damp for easier access.


Moroccan Rugs & Floor Cushions


Whilst we ensure all our pieces arrive in excellent condition, our rugs and floor cushions are one off vintage carpets, small signs of wear is to be expected.

Recommended maintenance for the carpet it is suggested to vacuum regularly. Cleaning a stain it is best to remove it with a damp towel of warm water immediately dabbing were possible without rubbing. Wool is also self-cleaning we recommended to occasionally hang the carpet outside in fresh air in a shaded area.

Professional cleaning would also be advised in a professionally controlled environment. We recommend rotating your rug 180 degrees every 1-2 years to ensure an even wear. Regular Vacuuming or shaking out the rug will also delay the ageing process.

Your vintage rug may peel as it is made from woollen fibres this is a normal process we recommend to vacuum the excess peel this will lessen over time.


Cactus Silk Sabra Cushion


We recommend professional Dry Clean only.